as a Cleaning Agent and Degreaser

As a Hydrocarbon Encapsulator, CarbonSeal™ makes a unique and highly effective cleaning agent and degreaser. Tests have greatly impressed professionals in several different industries.

Carpet Cleaning

One professional carpet cleaner in Lawton, OK, used CarbonSeal™ in a 5:1 solution for his truck-mount system. After cleaning two-thirds of a 2000 sq. ft. room, he ran out of solution, and had to use his regular shampoo. He had to go over that section three times, and was not able to get it as clean as the area cleaned with CarbonSeal™. A few days later, the owner called the carpet cleaner to complain that one part of his carpet looked like new, and the other part looked like it had merely been shampooed.

The same carpet cleaner almost refused to clean the carpet in a meat packing plant's office, because it was so bad (you can imagine what people would track into the office!) On a whim, he tried using CarbonSeal™. He was astounded at how clean the carpet was, and that there was no smell when he was done.

One heavy smoker used CarbonSeal™ in a consumer-level carpet cleaning machine in a room in his house that had a very smoky smell. Not only did the carpet look like new, but there was no more smoke odor.

Doug Stafford tried it on numerous pet stains. They had tried Renewzit and several other products without success. After spraying it on and blotting it up, all traces of the stains were gone - even the darkest, oldest stains - and the room did not smell like urine any longer.


As a natural degreaser, CarbonSeal™ can remove built-up grease in commercial kitchens, remove stains from clothing and fabrics, be used in a power-washing solution to degrease parking lots and kitchen floors, and many other uses. And since it is EPA approved and biodegradable, it can be used in situations that petrochemical degreasers can not.

In restaurant applications, where you may have a build-up of old cooking grease, we can alter the formula to adjust the pH level, making it even more powerful.

Rig Cleaning & Industrial Cleaning

As an EPA-approved de-greaser, CarbonSeal is especially effective cleaning oil rigs and platforms. Completely biodegradable and all-natural, it can be used in even sensitive areas without fear of environmental impact. Just put it in your powerwasher. It has a low-suds formulation that is easy to work with. CarbonSeal's grease-cutting capabilities work best when heated to around 180 degrees.

All-Purpose Cleaner

For professional cleaning firms, CarbonSeal can be used as an all-purpose cleaner - just adjust the dilution, and you have a very effective degreaser, class cleaner, carpet cleaner and odor sealant.

Please check out the Dilution Chart for more details


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