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Below is dramatic footage from May 2009 Indy 500. No. 14 Vitor Meira's car has an ethanol spill that threatens to engulf the entire car. The pit crew and Delphi Safety Team douses the fire with Cold Fire, and the flames are out in seconds - and Meira is back on the track!

Demo in Salt Lake City, where firemen emptied 5 traditional dry chem extinguishers into a car fire, and still couldn't put it out. We used just one 2.5 gallon extinguisher with Cold Fire and got it out in seconds.

KFOR news coverage from March 2009 demo in OKC. Mike Brown, former national director of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), remarked after seeing the demo that "This is going to save firefighters' lives."

Jan. 13, 2009 - Fox 25 news story by Andrew Speno. Demo at the EOC Fire Training Facility for Tinker AFB, the Oklahoma Trucking Associaiton, and several fire departments. We extinguished pallets, tires, diesel, jet fuel, magnesium and ethanol.

This is a recent news story shot at a recent demo in Norman, Oklahoma.

These are two clips from the TV show "TruckU" talking about awesome cool-down power of Cold Fire when applied to hot metal (like the muffler); later in the show, they talk about the abilities of MotorMAX to improve gas mileage and lower emissions.

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