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Cold Fire for the Petroleum and Alcohol-Based Fuel Industries

Click to view demonstrations of Cold Fire extinguishing tank battery fires and fuel depot fires

Cold Fire is being used extensively in the oil fields of Mexico and other countries, because it has proven to be the most effective in putting out dangerous hydrocarbon fires. It is also gaining attention in the United Stated because of its ability to to extinguish polar solvent fires - ethanol, methanol and acetone, for example.

Since Cold Fire encapsulates the fuel sources at the molecular level, it not only snuffs the fire out quickly, with less product, but it also prevents reignition.

The old policy of 'let burn' can be a thing of the past, because Cold Fire will put out oil well fire extremely quickly. Getting the fire out quickly means that you may be able to save valuable equipment, and get your well back in production sooner.

It can also be used to help clean up any spilled hydrocarbons - once encapsulated, the hydrocarbons degrade into simple cell protein and carbon dioxide. For tougher spills, you might consider our other product, CarbonSeal.

Cold fire has the unique ability to intantly cool down hot surfaces. You will notice in the videos that when a fire is extinguished using Cold Fire, people are able to immediately put their hands on what was extremely hot metal just seconds before. That means that you are able to investigate the fire faster and start cleanup procedures sooner.

On certain tank battery fires, you don't even need to turn on a hose. You can pump water and Cold Fire directly into the tank using the flow line - the agitation in the line creates foam which rises to the top and extinguishes the fire.

On drilling rigs, where multiple fire extinguishers are required. Cold Fire can be mixed with anti-freezing agents, protecting the canisters from temperatures as low as -35°. Canisters can also be refilled on site - just pour in two gallons of water, a quart of Cold Fire, and use an air compressor to charge it to 100 psi.

Take a few minutes to look over the numerous videos posted from oil company demonstrations, and you will be convinced that Cold Fire will an indispensable part of your oil company's safety plan.


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