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Cold Fire - Availability

Cold Fire 275 Gallon Tote
Cold Fire 55 Gallons
Cold Fire 5 Gallons
275 Gallon Tote
Please call 405/702-0055 x2
for pricing and ordering.
55 Gallon Drum
Please call 405/702-0055 x2
for pricing and ordering.

5 Gallon Pail


Cold Fire Extinguishers
Cold Fire Extinguishing Spray
Cold Fire Can Holster
1.5 and 2.5 Gallon Extinguishers
(Mounting Brackets for walls and car trunks available)
Call 405/702-0055 x3 for pricing and ordering.
12 ounce Can of Cold Fire Rapid Cooldown Spray
12 ounce Can
Nylon Holster
Fire'z Off retardant quart
Fire'z Off retardant
Fire Block Flame Retardant
Paper, Fabric and Wood
One Quart - $17.95
BanFire Flame Retardant
For Fabric - NFPA 701
5 Gallons - $245 - FREE SHIPPING
MotorMAX Radiator Treatment -
lowers engine temperature of fire trucks 10-30°
One Quart - $19.95

For questions, or if you prefer to order directly, please call 405/702-0055 x2.


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RDR Technologies is National Distributor to fire departments, race tracks, manufacturing facilities, oil and gas companies and many more. We provide Cold Fire concentrate from pails to pallets, and from totes to tankers, as well as extinguishers and other related equipment. We also are manufacturers and distributors of a large selection of fire retardants. Give us a call at 405-306-3062. We'll get your organization everything you need.