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Applications for Cold Fire

Cold Fire™ products are environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agents, leading the way in firefighting technology and revolutionizing the way firefighters combat fires. Cold Fire™ can be used to cool down hot surfaces rapidly for added safety and increased productivity. Cold Fire™ products can be used in various ways:

  • Various types of wildfires; grass/scrub, brush, heavy timber and related applications
  • Sawdust and slash fires
  • Fire lines creation in wildfires
  • Structure fires
  • Structure protection from wildfires
  • Cool-down of embers on firefighters and other protective applications
  • Additional protection in controlled burns
  • High oil content foliage, such as palmetto and cedar
  • Tire fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Paints and oil-based fires
  • Auto fuel fires
  • Fuel storage tanks close to fires (keeping them cool)
  • Prevention of hot spot and fires from hot torch roofing applications
  • Cool-down of equipment
  • Protection of hazardous or explosive material from oncoming fires
  • Creation of a heat barrier to help prevent heat damage and hidden fires
  • Closed loop systems such as sprinkler systems and on-board extinguishing systems

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RDR Technologies is National Distributor to fire departments, race tracks, manufacturing facilities, oil and gas companies and many more. We provide Cold Fire concentrate from pails to pallets, and from totes to tankers, as well as extinguishers and other related equipment. We also are manufacturers and distributors of a large selection of fire retardants. Give us a call at 405-306-3062. We'll get your organization everything you need.